Hi, I am shannon Ponder.

Have you ever been browsing through social media and become mesmerized by a family or friend's recent family photo? You might think to yourself why don't my photos ever turn out like that? If I asked my whole family to get together for more than 10 minutes there'd probably be a fight..lol. Or I have teenagers they are always uninterested. Or better yet, my toddlers would destroy that area in about 2 minutes! Maybe you're the couple that is looking for those gorgeous golden lusty love poses and think "that'll never be us." Or perhaps you're the mother of a young adult that grew up in a blink of an eye. You still can't believe how handsome or beautiful they are and you just want to shout it from the rooftops! Lastly, maybe you're the excited expectant mother to be that feels like a hippo but looks like a goddess! Consider this, it may not be your photos that you didn't like, it may be the fact that you need the right photographer. One with high standards, talents, personable, and great with kids. Hi I'm Shannon..

Once you book with me I begin thinking about your composition. We discuss the color palette you should wear, the location that would benefit you and how to capture the feel you want your images to convey.

In my free time I can be heard singing "Hamilton"...definitely out of tune while I dance around the house. My favorite days are spent outside hiking with my schnauzer Ruthie or on my bike. I could live off turkey sandwiches but I do love making big dinners for my family.

Photo cred: Lauren Mulcahy Photography



“I never thought a professional photo shoot and images could affect me emotionally, from start to finish this was an ardent experience. Shannon not only brought her knowledge of "light and lenses", and artistic eye but also her infectious enthusiasm which spilled over into my, "ready to go spirit." The combination of it all created amazing photos!”

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